Blogger's CRAZY Experiment Shows How Easy It Is To Fake Lavish Lifestyle On Social Media

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Byron Denton, 19, is a London-based YouTuber who has his own channel tbhbyron, has literally shaken the internet with his brave social experiment. In late January, he started posting photos of himself on Instagram that showed his lavish lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that, right? Except, all of the posted photos are fake! The Typical Student team leared more about Bryan and the reasons behind his insane experiment. 


How To Fake Being Rich On Instagram

In the pictures posten on @tbhbyron, Denton is seen wearing designer clothes or traveling on a private jet. Exactly what you'd expect from a blogger with a massive social media following. After a week of posting edited photos, Byron told everything to his followers in a YouTube video that has amassed more than 434K views by present moment. Denton said that the images he posted had been created with two photo-editing apps, FaceTune and PicsArt. He also used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to make color correction.

Take a look at some of his lifestyle photos, they're really something:




And here's what the original photo looks like, see any difference? 




In the photo below, Denton photoshopped Louis Vuitton bags to his left hand:





Video Unveils The Results Of Blogger's Social Experiment 

In his video, Byron revealed his reasoning behind the social experiment he conducted: "[The experiment has] made me question everyone's moves on social media. Do a lot of the high-profile bloggers these days actually make their way to the top by being honest or do they fake some of it?" 

The response of Byron's audience was positive overall, as many users asked him to edit their photos so that they'd be able to see themselves leading lavish lifestyle.  If you want to learn more about Denton's experiment, check out the video below:  



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