10 Times This Bored Teacher Played HILARIOUS Jokes on His Students

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A good laugh makes everything better. Even the study and teaching process, with students who don’t want to learn, expect easy-peasy grades, send endless e-mails and ask for that extra grade. A tough challenge to avoid the burnout, huh?    

Bored teachers can break the routine with a witty joke. It can be anything: making memes, playing pranks, giving hilarious answers... Teachers in this article found a way to answer students in their kind. They never knew their jokes will become viral - but the good sense of humor made them famous!

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Meet Professor David Red


Recognized that The Most Interesting Man in The World reference?


While not turning himself into another meme, David Red teaches physics at St. John’s River State College. He started this hobby to be in tune with his students and catch their attention.

David believes he found a good way to wake their interest in his subject and make them listen. And he may very well be right in thinking so.

For now, David gained a lot of online popularity among the students and teachers not only from his school but all over the world. In his opinion, memes are a good way to communicate the tedious moments and frustration that is specific to a teacher`s job.

Here are 10 of our favorite meme-mimics by David, that prove that being a teacher is worth it:

#1 Hilarious IT Reference


If we were his students, we would definitely fall for his well-timed humor on the physics exam that took place right about the same time when the “IT” movie was trending on screens. Maybe we would even be like “Gimme, gimme”:


#2 The “Game of Thrones” Cosplay


The paraphrase of the famous “Winter is Coming” bearing fits the teacher`s profession very well. Many lazy students think they're receiving the “F” is usually because of the teacher.

#3 Speaking of the “F”s


Do you share that pleasant feel? Exams are the time when teachers laugh last!

#4 The Tony Stark`s Start of the Year


#5 When Dr. Evil needs a supply to teach the students:


This one is our favorite. If a teacher fails to deliver on modern teaching experience, it’s not necessarily his fault, right?

#6 Reminds you of The Dr.Phil Show, anyone?


#7 Mr. Professor Gatsby


#8 Lord of the Rings classic meme:


#9 Condescending Wonka parody:


#10 Not a meme in particular, just making fun of that kind of students:


Inventive, isn’t it?

This HILARIOUS  hobby allowed David to become a cult figure for his students and prevent the burnout as a teacher. But he is not the only one who makes the clever jokes and receives recognition.

Bored Teachers: A Few Notable Mentions

Joey Dombrowski, the fourth-grade teacher, received $20 000 by Ellen Show for making the funniest April Fool`s Day prank on his students.

What did he do? The clever and unexpected fake spelling quiz with the words that were made up by himself. By Joe`s beliefs, children remember things best if they laugh.

Check out the video interview with Joey and Ellen that covers his prank below:

The prank became hugely viral. At the end of the interview, Ellen learned that Joe often buys supplies for his students for his own money. A familiar situation for many teachers, right? To Joey`s surprise, he got two $10 000 paychecks for being such a great teacher.

As a bonus, here are 5 other times teachers pranked their students for your inspiration:

The teachers at Abby Kelley Foster High School in Worcester, Massachusetts prank their students by dancing behind them while being interviewed. History teacher Mike Penney created the video and asked students what were the highlights of the past school year, meanwhile the teachers quietly danced behind them.

Is there a teacher at your school who made the best joke of you or your fellow student?

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