Boston University Students Lose Their Minds During Senior Week Barcrawl

3 years ago



Looking forward to your senior year? Most likely, because of the insane parties thrown on college campus. The Typical Student team tells a hilarious story about the insane senior week party at Boston University told by Arlin Moore on his YouTube Channel.


Arlin Moore is a Boston University student who celebrated the senior week really hard (even though he was junior at the time). Arlin knew that senior students would play so-called “college competitions” in bars and that is why he went to one.

The most absurd thing Arlin saw at college


Needless to say, the party was truly insane and you can only imagine all that stuff drunk seniors were doing. And yes, Arlin witnessed a lot of things you don't see in public on a regular basis. Still, Arlin was prepared, he had come up with a competition for the seniors. So basically, the participants were supposed to get points for completing crazy tasks (and they didn’t even get anything for that) and, obviously, Arlin was a judge.

What's The Point of Crazy Competition

There was a guy, Pickle (it’s not his real name), who was a really big, but at the same time, shy guy. So Arlin had announced a new task, "360 points for a body shot of Pickle". He wasn’t even expecting that anybody would volunteer to complete this task, until a group of guys and girls attacked Pickle. So 40 seniors were trying to reach Pickle’s belly at the same time. But as if it wasn’t enough, somebody suggested making a nipple shot of Pickle and the same crazy thing happened again. 

So Arlin definitely recommends playing such competitions if, of course, no harm is done to someone named Pickle.

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