Student Shared How Different Her Boyfriend Is IRL From What He Pretends To Be Online And It’s Booming

2 years ago



As you can see, sometimes IRL people are different from what they act online. Today, the Typical Student team will show you what it looks like.


One college student shared her boyfriend's texts to show how different he aks IRL versus on social media. The post immediately went viral and here is why!





"He’s the softest motherf**ker I’ve ever met, but on Instagram, he’s like, 'Me and a feral cat I found in the alleyway' on his captions of us," commented the student.





Olivia is a 20-year-old college student at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia.





Her bf’s name is Cam.






"My boyfriend is so affectionate and sappy 90% of the time, but his Instagram captions were so vague and bland," she said, "which I thought was a funny contrast to how he normally is."





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