California Students Found Smart Way To Fight Campus Cat's Obesity

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In everyday life, you don't come across an overweight cat that often. So, the story of Cheeto the campus cat may be somewhat educational for feline owners. The campus of UC Davis College of Letters and Science in California has given a home to an orange chunky cat named Cheeto. And judging by the looks of the cat, students, and staff love Cheeto so much, they can't refrain from constantly feeding him. Turns out, Cheeto is a sly guy as he's already getting enough food, so he's gained a lot of unhealthy weight.  The students on campus got extremely concerned over Cheeto's health, so they put up informational posters telling people Cheeto doesn't need feeding. The Typical Student team shares the amazing campus cat story.


Cheeto, the Campus Cat



Meet Cheeto, isn't he cute? The cat lives in the Physics building of UC Davis College of Letters and Science. Recently, the physics students got concerned over the cat's looks. So they've put up posters to stop feeding Cheeto all over the campus. 




The students also made a "feline body condition chart," so that everyone learned what a healthy feline looks. The poster implies Cheeto got to stages 8 and 9 of cat obesity. 





They've also made a diagram to prove that Cheeto has a high risk of getting a heart disease due to obesity.




How Did The Internet React?

And here's how the cat lovers on the internet supported students' initiative to protect Cheeto. Lots of joking followed, naturally. Here are the funniest comments: 








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