California Teacher’s Extra Assignment To Bring Katy Perry To School Goes Viral

3 years ago



This story happened to a California teacher who gave quite an unusual assignment to students. He promised an automatic A+ to any student who can bring Katy Perry to the classroom. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


Who Is This Teacher?





His name is Brian Kwan and he is a high school government teacher at Anaheim Discovery Christian School in California. By tradition, every year Brian gives a special assignment to his students. And here is what he choose this time.


"Any student that can bring Katy Perry to this school and have her talk to me, you get an automatic A+ for my class; a video of her talking and saying my name (shout-out) get [sic] you an automatic B+."






Kwan has been teaching at the school for five years. He says that the assignment is a complete joke and a way to "relate" to his young students.






"I thought, 'What kind of an assignment that can get them to laugh but at the same time have a shot at it — be it a long shot?'" he said. "I am a fan of her music and totally enjoyed her Teenage Dream album, along with her Prism album. It was then that I was inspired to create this assignment and have the students at least know I have heard of her."


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