Canadian Student Got a Message From Stranger & Ended Up Attending a Funeral

3 years ago



The Typical Student team continues sharing viral student stories. This time around, the story is told by a college student Leena Ali who got a text message from an unknown number and ended up going to a stranger’s life celebration.

Leena received a text that read, “Hey, is this Quentin?” to what she replied, “Yea, who’s this?” The person introduced herself as auntie Dawn and invited Quentin to auntie Debbie’s life celebration. At this point Leena understood that she had to stop pretending being Quentin and revealed herself. However, she also asked whether she could go to the life celebration too.




Auntie Dawn replied Leena that she certainly can come to what Leena said, “Okay! See you there auntie Dawn.”





Eventually, Leena attended the funeral and made a post about it with the screenshots of this conversation and a picture with auntie Dawn on her Twitter. The tweet immediately went viral and got more than 5,500 likes and over 1,200 retweets. 





Auntie Dawn then commented on this, “My family hasn't stopped talking about that all weekend long... they are telling everyone about this story! You are a truly amazing woman. You have brightened our weekend that's for sure :) Thank you!"


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