Canadian Student Shares Her Roommate From Hell Story On YouTube

2 years ago



Brooke is a Canadian student who did a cultural exchange program this past summer and she shared her crazy roommate horror story on her YouTube channel. And here's what the Typical Student will tell you about!

Everything went wrong from the very beginning



Because Brooke was on a program, she had to live in a 3-bedroom apartment with 5 other roommates. So she was supposed to share her room with another girl. When Brooke’s roommate Heather, which obviously wasn’t her real name, had moved in, she seemed to be really rude, but Brooke tried not to pay attention to it.

The roommate from hell



Sharing the room with Heather was truly horrible. She locked Brooke out of their room in order to have sex with her boyfriend all the time. Brooke says that once she made a note that said “Please do not bring your friends to the bedrooms in order to keep each other’s privacy”, but when Heather saw that note she immediately threw it away. In addition to that, Brooke started noticing that her stuff (mainly expensive makeup) was disappearing.

Brooke was literally on cloud nine when at last Heather moved out and Brooke witnessed her walking away with her suitcase. And it really seemed that everything was going to be great, until the following day Brooke noticed that the whole bunch of her stuff disappeared. Of course, Brooke knew who stole her things, but she couldn’t do anything.

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