Canadian Student Spends 24 Hours In Real Trench To Get Good Mark

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There are a lot of students, who enjoy their school projects but can you name someone, who loves them more than Dylan Ferris? This young men from Canada spent 24 hours in a muddy trench, which the student build to recreate the atmosphere of First World War. Now, let the Typical Student team tell you more about such an unusual school project.


Who Is That Young Man?


Dylan Ferris is 15 y.o. He’s a student from Edmonton, Canada. Working on the school project, he decided that writing a simple report is not enough. That’s why Dylan found a replica uniform and built a real trench in his family’s house backyard.


What Was The Idea?


Dylan says that the main idea of his project was to recognize the ordeal soldiers faced. Canadian student wanted to understand all the sacrifices they made. For these simple reasons, Dylan was sleeping below ground in freezing temperatures.


How Did Dylan’s Parents React?


To start with, the boy’s mom wasn’t happy about the idea. As any mother, she insisted Dylan come inside Wednesday night because the mercury dipped below -10C. Besides, there was one more reason...


“My mum wasn’t too keen on it because it’s her vegetable garden, or it was her vegetable garden. Now it’s a hole.”

Before it, Dylan wanted to work on other projects. Among them, there were such things as a home-built airplane and a flame-thrower.


What Did Dylan Do In The Trench?

Dylan says that he was mostly reading in the trench during the day. But the night was terrifying. Dylan was thinking of what soldiers endured a century ago.

“I don’t think it can be truly representative, but when I was in there, there’s a lot of truth to the war songs, ’Oh, I want to go home,’ and ‘Long Way to Tipperary,’” the canadian student said.


“It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s miserable and, you know, the house is right there. It’s just a longing for home, I guess. Even when it’s right there.”

As stated by Dylan Ferris, he still wants to build an airplane.

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