Canadian Students Protest New School Rule Restricting Their Access to Bathrooms During Classes

2 years ago



As reported by News Atlantic, over 100 high school students in Salisbury, N.B., initiated a walk out Thursday in protest over new rules restricting their access to bathrooms during classes. One of the protesters, Liam Killam, a student at J.M.A. Armstrong High School commented as follows: "We're not allowed to use the bathrooms any more unless we're escorted to the bathrooms." The Typical Student team learned the details.


New 'Toilet' Rule




Under the new rules, students are not allowed to leave at all during class time. However, the students demand bathroom breaks to be considered a right, not a privilege. Students find it "really degrading" and "kind of unethical to not let students use the washroom." As told by News Atlantic, the draconian bathroom rule was induced after some students "were caught vaping in the bathrooms or damaging the property." 


Pee in peace! 




Gregg Ingersoll, the superintendent of the Anglophone East School District comments on the situation: "We have eight high schools in our school district and I think if we had the eight principals here, they would agree that vaping is an issue." But is vaping a reason to treat highschoolers like little kids? The letters have been sent out to students' homes with a requirement to go to the washrooms during non-instructional times. 

During the walkout on Thursday, J.M.A. Armstrong High School students were chanting "Pee in peace!" and "16, not two" referring to the fact they're adolescents, not toddlers.  One of the students named Chris Fawcette has started a petition against the new toilet rule: "We have around 125 on the petition so far."


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