Cannabis Sellers in Bay Area Donate to College Fund for #PermitPatty Girl (VIRAL VIDEO)

3 years ago



If you’re looking for a way to fund your education, here’s one WEIRD way to do that. The Typical Student team followed one of the hottest stories in the past couple of weeks to deliver the details.


San Francisco Woman Allegedly Called the Police On Girl “Selling Water Without a Permit”




As it was reported by the New York Post, at the beginning of July, Alison Ettel, dubbed #PermitPatty, allegedly called the police on an 8-year-old Jordan Rogers. The footage of Ettel allegedly calling the police on an African-American girl who was “selling water without a permit” on a sidewalk instantly went viral. Ettel, now the former CEO of a cannabis company in San Francisco, has caused quite a stir around media.


Later, the woman apologized for her actions but the damage had been done. See the #PermitPatty video below:



Community Starts a Fund Named After #PermitPatty Girl


As reported by NBC, local cannabis sellers in the Bay Area wanted to make up for their colleague’s unacceptable behavior. They have “rallied behind the little girl at the center of the viral #PermitPatty video.” Both members of the local community and businesses gathered in Oakland to raise funds for Jordan’s education.




Jordan Rogers and her mother, Erin Austin, were present at the event. They were selling cases of donated bottles of water. Jordan’s mother told the journalists they were thankful to the community for all the support they’ve shown. Eliot Dobris of The Apothecarium, a licensed, recreational and medical cannabis dispensary, explained why they were making a donation to the fund. This way, they are “sending a message that the cannabis industry needs to be diverse, inclusive and kind."


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