Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Frank Ocean & 3 MORE Celebrity-Inspired University Courses

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Have you ever thought about fun that we can get from our university courses? Probably, the first thought that comes to your mind is some practical experiments or inventions. But the real fun starts when you combine your hobbies with your studies. Exactly that happened to lucky students of some universities all over the world whose professors decided to dig deeply into nowadays culture.

 #1 Course based on ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city’ by Kendrick Lamar


Georgia Regents University suggests its students a course called ‘Good Kids, Mad Cities’ which is focused on Lamar’s album of the same name. Students are supposed to study literature works by Gwendolyn Brooks, James Joyce and James Baldwin in combination with ‘good kids, m.A.A.d city’. As the album touches a huge range of nowadays issues like drugs, war, sex slavery, parent-child relationships and so on, it’s believed to be appropriate for the course. Thought the bigger part of the course is about comparison of Kendrick’s album and the novel Ulysses by Joyce while those two works have a lot in common.

#2 Course ‘Sociology of Hip-Hop – Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z’


Georgetown University decided to start up a course of sociology of Hip-Hop and based it on works of Jay-Z. Michael Eric Dyson is the author of that course as he is believed to be the only professor who truly understands what the Hip-Hop is about. The students are learning about the nowadays life with the help of hip-hop. Dyson included the following concepts to be studied in this course: the culture of black and white, class divisions, relations between generations, etc.

#3 Bruce Springsteen inspired university course


Rutgers University offers its students a course on theology based on the lyrics of Springsteen. During this course the students must study the biblical allusions in his albums. The author of the course, Azzan Yadin-Israel, claims that Springsteen uses a range of religious symbols in his songs. Using mostly the Old Testament for his lyrics Springsteen proves that the religious topic can still be timely.

#4 Course based on Kanye West’s career


Washington University decided to go deeper than just the lyrics so professor Dr. Jeffrey McCune started up the course which tells about West’s career. The course is created to study the political, racial, gender, sexual and cultural problems with the help of West activities. At the same time they are aiming to take his image as a role model for youngsters but not to turn him into the idol.

#5 Course ‘Brain Like Berkeley’ based on Frank Ocean’s work


The University of California sets up a new course in 2018. It will be the course telling the students about gender politics, musical influence and nowadays problems of society from the perspective of Ocean’s albums. The course is aiming to make students discuss poetry and music while combining them with recent album of Frank Ocean.

#6 Course ‘Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture’


The University of Texas is inviting students to join the course ‘Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture’, which is based on Beyonce’s album Lemonade. The students will have a chance to connect her work with the issues of black feminism. Professor Kinitra Brooks, the author of the course, hopes to enlarge the number of critical thinkers who will be able to discuss race, gender, class, feminism and other questions of nowadays society.

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