Chicago Grad Sends Rude Text Message To Unknown Sender Who Turns Out His Boss (VIRAL TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



Recent graduate from Chicago, Illinois, Cory Hrobowski once received a rude text message from an unknown number. His immediate reaction was to send a rude message back. And that was exactly what he had done, if only he knew whom he sent that message to. The Typical Student team shares a tense text message exchange that went viral online.


The message Cory received read the following “I’m making you come at 12 on Friday.” Obviously, Cory was outraged by the rudeness of an unknown person and texted back, “First off you’re not making me do sh*t second off I don’t remember scheduling any d*ck appointments.” 

It didn’t take long for the mysterious person to respond to Cory’s message and reveal herself. Cory’s boss said that she changed her number.






Cory decided not answering his boss and she said that she was going to call him in order to discuss his employment.




So, Cory came up with a little plan.




However, things didn’t seem to work out well, because eventually, Cory resigned from the company he worked for. He later told to Buzzfeed, “I resigned due to the fact that Twitter blew the situation up,” he also added, “Be careful what you text, people.”


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