Here's Why Chinese Students Choose to Study In UK, Canada & Australia Over US In 2019

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The trade war between China and the US made Chinese students look for other education centers. Instead, they're choosing UK, Canada, and Australia. The Typical Student team learned why Chinese students shun away from American colleges. 


Why Does Trade War Influence College Students?




Last year, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on Chinese imports due to the accusations of IP theft and forced technology transfer. Many Chinese students who wished to study in the US declined as they were having concerns they might not get a student visa.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, Chinese students involved in robotics, aviation, engineering, and hi-tech manufacturing have faced tighter US visa controls since last summer. Reportedly, some Chinese students are reluctant to go back to China to visit family in fear they won't be allowed back into the US. As told by the SCMP, 100 Chinese students have faced delays getting a US visa. At that, one of the students was listed among the 10 most influential scientists by Nature, British scientific journal. 

Tony Gao, Easy Transfer CEO commented on the situation as follows: "There is a trend of Chinese students choosing non-US universities. The countries taking the most share of new transaction volumes and student interest are the UK, Canada, and Australia." In 2018, the total transaction volume reached $776 million, while in 2019, it is expected to reach 1 billion. 


Alternatives to US Higher Ed



According to the "2019 Chinese Student Overseas Study Survey Report", only 20,14% of Chinese students chose the UK as their first choice, while only 17,05% chose the US. As for the other popular choices, they list Canada and Australia, Germany and France in Europe, and Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea in Asia.

International students from China make up one-third of the 1,1 million of the total number of international students in the US. Chinese students believe that studying in the US is the best way to get top jobs at home or abroad. 


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