Student Messed Up At Internship So His Co-Worker Dedicated Twitter Thread To Him (VIRAL THREAD INSIDE)

3 years ago



Most of us have been on internships at some point of our career. Still, not everyone has experienced a co-worker starting a Twitter thread to discuss their lack of intelligence and common sense.  The Typical Student team found this thread on BoredPanda and is ready to share. 

It all started with a tweet by Kaleb Harmon @KalebAHarmon: 

guy-dedicates-twitter-thread-to-hilariously-clueless-intern-01Apparently, James did something wrong, as Kaleb didn't hold back in describing his personality and lack of intelligence. So, Kaleb went on criticizing James' inappropriate attire and professional inaptitude:



James is also not allowed doign door-to-door anymore: 



Despite having a "pretty" voice, James, can't sing anything but classic hits with dirty lyrics. 



One of James' friends convinced him to make an order in Spanish at Chipotle, despite James doesn't speak Spanish.  Also, James managed to catch 15 cheese puffs in a row with his mouth. But he forgot he was lactose intolerant, so he asked to go home. 


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