College Clothing Basics: 6 Tricks To Dressing Comfy For Female Students

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The Typical Student team keeps sharing students' real-life experiences. This time around, a popular YouTuber Brooke Miccio tells more about her college clothing essentials. So here’s what she has in her wardrobe. 


Clothing Basics 



By basics, Brooke means the clothing that can be worn in many different ways and that can be easily combined with other clothing. She says that she has a pair of good jeans, a couple of white t-shirts, a black dress and a pair of shoes. The most important thing about her basics is that she can wear it to class, club meeting, interview or when she’s going out with friends.


#1 Rain jacket

Brooke says that she got soaked in the rain so many times that one day she finally decided to buy a raincoat and she doesn’t regret buying it at all.


#2 Warmer coat




Brooke also has a warmer coat for the chilly days, because she simply doesn’t like wearing a dozen layers when the weather is cold.


#3 Shoes For Special Occasions  

Shoes are getting a little bit beaten up at college Brooke says, so she always has one pair of shoes that are for going out only. Brooke also adds that going out shoes should be comfy in the first place.


#4 Comfy sneakers 



Brooke says that a pair of comfy sneakers literally saves her life when she has to walk a lot at college.


#5 Business clothing 




Interviews and different meetings always pop up at the most inappropriate moments, so in order to be ready for them, Brooke has some formal clothing in her wardrobe. 


#6 Casual Clothing

Brooke says that she has a lot of casual clothing such as yoga pants or sweatshirts for everyday life. She adds that casual clothing is super comfy and looks nice.

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