Main College Life Downsides In 8 Student Memes

11 months ago



How do you think what are the most visible college downsides? The list would be great actually! In this post, the Typical Student team selected for you 8 student memes that show the disadvantages a college student face every single day. Do you have something to add?


#1 Buying Books

college-downsides-in-8-student-memes-1.jpg#2 Your Homework

college-downsides-in-8-student-memes-2.jpg#3 Student Tree

college-downsides-in-8-student-memes-3.jpg#4 College Life

college-downsides-in-8-student-memes-4.jpg#5 Living In Dorm

college-downsides-in-8-student-memes-5.jpg#6 True

college-downsides-in-8-student-memes-6.jpg#7 Dinner Time

college-downsides-in-8-student-memes-7.jpg#8 Can You Feel Their Pain?



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