Here Is A Story From College Student About Living With A Crazy Roommate

3 years ago



A YouTube blogger Glamazontay shared her experience of living with the worst college roommate ever and that's what the Typical Student team want to tell you about. Glamazontay says that that weekend all her roommates went home, so she was alone in the house. So as usual, she went to bed, but all of a sudden, at around 2 or 3 in the morning she was woken up by noise and she went to check what was going on.

Roommate Brought Drama In The House



When Glamazontay entered her bathroom, she saw about 10 or 15 people trying to sneak into the house through the bathroom window. These men were calling for Jessica (Glamazontay’s roommate who went home for that weekend) and then they started kicking the front door to try and get inside. Glamazontay literally had no clue what was going on so she decided to call the police.



Then Glamazontay realized that she wasn’t alone, it appeared that one of her roommates was in the house. So her roommate and she started yelling at those people outside that Jessica wasn’t even there and that they had to leave. When the police came, the people who were calling for Jessica ran away. However, those crazy people were showing up and yelling outside their house for the whole following week.





So basically Glamazontay says that Jessica was her worst roommate ever because she brought her drama to their house.

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