College Student Receives Game Updates From His Girlfriend via Texts

2 years ago



When you are at college you do not have much time for fun, just like this law student who missed the England and Tunisia soccer game because of his classes. But fortunately, this lucky guy had a girlfriend who texted him all the game updates. The girlfriend then posted this hilarious text conversation on her Twitter and it went viral. The Typical Student team continues sharing student stories, so here's the text exchange.





Well, basically it is not even a conversation, it’s rather a text monologue with all the game updates. And these updates of the match are really hilarious. For instance, the girl texted her boyfriend a text that read, “And a yellow card for the England player. The player with the yellow card looks sheepish.”

After a while and some crucial updates of the game, the girl texted her boyfriend, “A Tunisian man is on the floor. Looks like he got hit in the hair. The referee is uninterested. The man with the injured hair is not pleased.”

Well, this student seems to have a really supporting girlfriend, because not every girl would watch soccer for you and not every girl would text you such hilarious game updates.




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