College Student Reveals Crazy Story About His Former Roommates Via Texts

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing viral student stories. This time around, a college student who's going to move in with new roomies, tells his best buddy, Chris, why the previous two were weird. The guy texted his friend that he was happy about finally having new roomies to what his friend replied, “Why?” and the guy started telling the crazy and ridiculous story about his former roommates.

So the guy’s previous roomies, Jeremy and Michael, wanted to prank him and came up with an ingenious idea to do that. While the guy was away, Jeremy and Michael both got into his bed. Naked. However, the prank didn’t actually go according to the plan. The guy texted Chris, “Unfortunately for them I wasn’t the first to go into the room but our trainer, who then found two naked dudes in my bed.”



Chris, could only reply “LOL” to that insane story and then the guy added, “The best thing was how they tried to justify themselves: “It’s not what it looks like, we were just waiting for Alex!”



However, it is yet unclear why the guy was so happy about having new roommates, because it seems like Jeremy and Michael are the funnies dudes in the world.




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