College Student Went To Calc Exam, Ended Up With Bleeding Face (REDDIT STORY)

2 years ago



This story was told by user u/PackOfVelociraptors on the r/tifu subreddit. So, PackOfVelociraptors was preparing for his Calc exam for weeks, but on the day of the exam, everything went terribly wrong.

The guy lives in the north, so at that time it was really cold and the sidewalks were covered in ice. So when he was riding to school on his electric scooter, he slid out and took a fall. His face was badly injured and covered in blood, but he still didn’t want to miss his Calc exam, since he had been preparing for it for literally weeks, so he decided to put himself together and go.



When the guy entered the classroom everybody looked at him as if he was an alien or something. And that is when he realized that his face was almost completely covered in blood. However, he took his test and started working on it. The second he started reading the first task he realized that his vision was blurred and he felt really messed up. He understood that he wasn’t able to finish the test.



So he talked to TA to sign up for the make-up exam the following morning and headed to the hospital, where he got 7 stitches and a concussion diagnosis. What a day, isn’t it?

Eventually, the guy passed the test the following day and got one of the highest marks in his class. As the saying goes, all is well that ends well.


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