College Students Forgot About Their Essays & Freaked Out Together In Text Messages (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling you stories about college students. When you take too many classes at college something will definitely go wrong and you will miss a couple of deadlines. Just like these two college classmates who completely forgot about the essays that they had to hand in the following day. So they texted each other in order to freak out together.

So the first student texted her friend the message that read, “Hey, did you start your essay for tomorrow yet?” to which her friend replied, “We have an essay due tomorrow?!”




It seems like the student wasn’t kidding because she texted her friend back, “Lol yeah…the lit review one?” and then she added, “Well, at least we’ll all go down together.” Then the girl responded to the previous message this, “RIP. Yeah, I guess so. Wanna meet in the library and suffer together?” to what her friend replied, “Sounds good.” and suggested meeting outside the library at 10.




Well, missing deadlines is not a good thing to do at college. But if you miss your deadlines, at least, do it with a friend, so you can suffer together.


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