6 CRAZIEST Things Students Do During the Last Weeks of Summer 2018

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So, these are the final days of summer holidays, are you spending them right? As a rule, students go out and tear it up in the last summer days. Festivals, concerts, parties, and whatnot - if you wanna have fun, now is just the RIGHT time!


The Typical Student team has put together a list of the CRAZIEST student festival activities at the end of summer holidays. Told by the UK students, first hand. Please note: we don’t advocate for particular activities mentioned below. So, try to have fun nicely!


#1 Getting wasted at a festivalfestival-drinkingSource: The Tab


Still didn’t get wasted at one of the summer fests? What have you been doing on holidays? Meanwhile, these students were only drinking warm cider during all 5 days of the Reading Festival. Looks like they’re doing just fine!


#2 Getting into mosh pit & enjoying it!



Aren’t fond of mosh pit activities? You just never tried any of them! How about being caught between a punch and a sweaty topless man with a hairy back?


#3 Hotboxing a two-man tent


Now, we’re not implying on anything, but weed smoking is quite common at festivals. So, hotboxing a two-man tent is just a matter of time. Just before you know it, you’re already drunk and taking your stashed joint out. And, all of that while listening to a mind-blowing remix on your favorite artist’s songs.

#4 Going to the silent disco


As if it’s not enough for a single festival day, silent disco is of course a good thing, but how about taking your headphones off? Once you’ve done that, you’ll see everyone is singing out of tune and dancing uncontrollably.

#5 Getting lost on the festival campsite 


And then, hours after the headliner has finished the performance, you find yourself totally lost among the multicolored tents trying to figure out which one is yours. Still, if you can’t locate your tent on the festival campsite, it’s not as fun as it might have felt at first.  


 #6 Hanging around a supermarket and talking someone of age to buy you a crate.


This one is painful if you’re still underaged: who’s going to buy you a drink if you aren’t allowed yet? Not only that, you could also build up some courage to ask them to carry it into the campsite. Tip them to seal the deal.


Mind you, don’t take this post way TOO seriously! But when is the right time for doing CRAZY stuff if not while you’re a student?

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