18 CRAZY Graduation Memes To Cast Away College Nostalgia

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We are all dying to graduate faster and some of us are lucky to do it this year. Along with being the time of no homework, no exams, no thoughts of our future, graduation remains the time of the most ridiculous events. Previously, Typical Student told you about What's It Like Being US College Student in 21st Century? And, if you’re looking for some crazy stuff students do, check out 8 MOST Creative Graduation Cap Designs Class 2018, Fashion Choices: 5 CRAZIEST Prom Dresses That Went Viral on Social Media in 2018 and 10 DIY Prom Dresses That Will Make Heads Turn Your Way in 2018.

Let’s be honest – graduation is the time for unforgettable grad memes which will rush back upon us for quite a period of time. Let’s look through some of them:

#1 The plan for your life can clearly look like this grad meme, but you still have all chances to improve it:


#2 If you see no ways to enter and graduate from the college with the help of your marks, be sure there are lots of other means. How about this one?


#3 Remember: when someone asks you about your future plans, you can always answer like this:


#4 Being a devoted fan is clearly tough, but be positive the grad meme lovers will fall for your principles:


#5 Life in college might easily be viewed as a game in which every next year is next level. Meanwhile it looks more like this:


#6 For all the pessimists life looks surely like this, but we stay on the bright side, don’t we?


#7 Thanks, Ryan Hartley, for kind reminder of our high-speeding life flow:


#8 Are you ready to start the long-lasting search of the job of your dream? If no, keep in mind you are already working online spreading the memes:


#9 Making your own graduation cap is a total challenge! Why then not to remind yourself for the last time of the most dreadful words heard from probably the strictest teacher of your high school?


#10 Have you chosen your best outfit for your graduation? If you want to shine on this big day, always remember there are certain tricks there to wait for you:


#11 Sending your grad party invitations is another pitfall to be careful about:


#12 Support from relatives means everything for us, especially when they believe in us so fiercely. How does your family prepare for this day?


#13 Every student is waiting for the celebration night of their life, what gifts do you crave to get? What if you’ve received the cake made with 1$ banknotes?


#14 Are you responsible for representing other students? Then writing your grad speech, make sure not to forget about all help you’ve received:


#15 Have you been thrown out of the high school and still don’t know what to do to make your family proud? That’s a problem of 38$. Pay the needed sum and graduate from the college you see for the first time:


#16 Are you still thinking about your future work and how to get the job of your dream? Believe us for your future employees we all look like this:


#17 Do you have a plan for your whole life? How many points have you fulfilled?


#18 And finally, you may be on the cloud nine because of finishing high school or college, but guess what?


Hopefully, you don't feel sad anymore! Good luck in your adult life!

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