7 CRAZY Things Students Do When It's Too Hot

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Most of the students hate autumn because it’s too rainy, winter because it’s too cold, and spring because it’s an allergy season. But what about summer? It seems like there is no a single person in the whole world who doesn’t like summer. Students love summer the most for the summer break, summer trips, and freedom. Hot summer weather is not the main reason to love or hate the season itself. However, unbearable summer heat can be quite annoying, so students become quite inventive when they want to ice out just a little bit.

The Typical Student team picked 7 WEIRDEST things all students do when it’s too hot. Do you do the same?

#1 Eating ice cubes


Source: YouTube

Ice cream is really delicious, but it doesn’t help when the temperature outside is almost 100 degrees. On the other hand, ice definitely will chill you out when it’s too hot, besides, it’s free if you make it by yourself.

#2 Going shopping


Source: @nancypamlv

If you don’t have an air conditioning system going shopping is the very thing that can save your life when it’s too hot. Why, you may ask? It's obvious - all 7/11's have air conditioners and frozen food aisles where you can ice out a bit.

#3 Trying to stick oneself in the fridge


Source: thefridgepeepshow.wordpress.com

This way of cooling down is probably the most satisfying. Just open your fridge and if it’s big enough try to enter it. Moreover, try to stick your head in the freezer in order to chill out completely and instantly.

#4 Showering in a neighbor’s garden


Yes, this is the most ridiculous way to cool down. But it works and its so much fun, if your neighbors won’t call the police on you, of course. Just run a few times through lawn sprinklers and feel how nice it is to finally ice out a little bit.

#5 Starting a water balloon fight

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Another fun way to beat the heat. A water balloon fight is not only a fun summer invent that you can host, but also a pretty good way to chill out. Just invite some of your friends and neighbors, fill the balloons with water, and cool down in an extraordinary and fun way.

#6 Going to the movies


We all know that movie theaters are so freaking cold that despite the hot weather you might wanna  bring your sweater as well. Besides, you can double the freezing effect by buying a cold coke, where there are more ice than coke. Going to the movies, for sure, will cool you down when it’s too hot, furthermore, you can finally watch that new movie you were planning to watch.

#7 Convincing oneself you're Elsa who can turn any objects into ice


As your faith is, let it be done to you. You may imagine you're real-life Elsa, the main problem is to convince your family, friends, and neighbors that you're okay after all. No guarantee this way of cooling down will work, but at least you will have LOTS of fun!

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