Note to Students: 6 CREATIVE Ways to Cheat in Exam and Not Get Caught in 2018

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Cheating remains commonplace despite the embarrassing publicity in most of the countries. And students may get resourceful and creative when it comes to exams where they are expected to show their qualifications and skills. There are multiple options how to cheat in exam or on a test starting with writing on your hand, knees and finishing with sophisticated ways using modern technologies like cheating on a test with a phone. Keep reading and you will find 6 best ways how to cheat on a test.

Every student is familiar with the definition of cheating in school and the consequences of breaking the cheating policies. Nevertheless, cheating tricks in exams are getting even more elaborate every year. 

  • How to Cheat on a Test Using a Mobile


If you are allowed to have your phone with you during the test, your friend can always help you out by sending a text message. The SMS method was used by the US Air Force officers during the proficiency exam on nuclear missiles. 

  • Hello Bluetooth, My Old Friend 


Even if a mobile phone is not an authorized item during the exam, you can always hide one in your pocket and use Bluetooth for cheating in exams together with the wireless spy earpiece. Thousands of Chinese pharmacists were accused of cheating in a national licensing using earpieces.

  • Smuggled-in Note Sheets


But how to cheat on a test if you do not have a phone? In India, for example, students’ friends and relatives would climb the school walls to pass them smuggled-in note sheets with the right answers. Seems like millions of Indian parents encourage their children cheating in exams, as the exam results might be critical for their future careers. While the government is embarrassed by this behavior and trying to find a way to manage this situation.

  • Making Deals with School Officials


Some students go even further and ‘make deals’ with the staff members that result in malpractice. The principal of County Armagh school reported being a victim of bullying and harassment after her resignation due to students’ cheating in some GCSE exams. The independent investigation has confirmed the malpractice in the school, but it is still unknown if there was any punishment for the involved staff members. However, the students had to retake the exam. 

  • Plagiarism & Copying in a Test 


There was an increase in the number of English students chatting with each other during the exam. This common cheating trick resulted in plagiarism and became the second most common form of malpractice during the math and computing exams. Because the school stuff failed to follow the rules during the tests and exams.

  • Buying Exam Answers from Teachers


While in warm and sunny Cuba some lucky students were able to buy exam answers from their teachers. But all that is secret is made open one day. So eight people were sent to jail for selling entrance exams. While the students had to retake the exam. 

We have described a few popular tricks how to cheat on exam that can be helpful for students who are not in the mood for studying hard, but are still looking for ways to get a higher grade and succeed in the exam.

Remember: cheating is BAD, so your must use the above information responsibly. Good luck at exams! 

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