Dad Goes Viral For Helping His Daughter Get Perfect Prom Pics Using A Leaf Blower (PICS INSIDE)

2 years ago



Prom preparation is sometimes nerve-racking as everyone wants to look picture perfect. It's always good when there's someone to help you look gorgeous. And this is exactly why this dad got viral on the internet! Meet Claudia Casagrande and her father Dan who wanted to help her sister Nadia achieve a soft, windswept look using a leaf blower. The Typical Student team learned a bunch of his hacks. 




Naturally, Claudia documented everything in her Twitter @claudiamarie9 captioning her post: "So my sisters prom was the other day all I have to say is my dad is #1 😂"




Claudia commented on the whole experience to BuzzFeed:"It was my dad’s idea to use the leaf blower. We were all outside taking photos and my sister said, 'I wish my hair was out of my face,' and the next thing we knew, my dad went into the garage and came out with the leaf blower! It was so funny that I had to catch it on video."




The pictures turned out stunning, Nadia looks amazing and is all smiles. Is there anything better than that for a loving father?

Get a quick peek at the leaf blower hack in a video below:



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