Just A Student Dealing With An Intrusive Guest

2 years ago




This couple wanted a simple small wedding for family and close friends only and everything was going great until an intrusive guest started texting them and inviting himself and his girlfriend to their wedding. And here is what the Typical Student team will show you today!

“Hey you’re getting married! Are we invited? Can I bring my girlfriend?” the guest asked in Filipino. So when the groom and the bride replied that they were going to have a small ceremony for family and close friends only, the guy said that his girlfriend has been already preparing for the wedding and his tone seemed to be quite angry.





The soon-to-weds felt really guilty, however, they emphasized the fact that they never invited neither the annoying guy nor his girlfriend to their wedding. They also added, “We personally invited our close friends and family only. Just because we posted on Facebook that we’re getting married doesn’t mean everyone is invited. Hope you understand.”


It appeared later that the “guest” was the couple’s friend from college with whom they didn’t communicate at all for several years.

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