Does Role Modeling Influence UK Students' University Choices? (INFOGRAPHIC)

2 years ago



Without a doubt,  role modeling matters and matters a lot. There is no need to explain that a bad or a good example you see every day can influence your future. However, here is a question to think of: does your family influence the desire to get higher education? Well, here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about in this post!


Role Modeling





According to Dr. Emma Wainwright, report author, "universities need to engage more thoroughly with the families - parents and siblings - of their students. These institutions should become sites for learning interaction, experience and role modeling based on the family unit, however, it is configured."







The investigation showed that the number of UK students whose families didn’t go to college or uni increased. For example, there were 143,585 applicants in 2009. When it comes to 2018, the number increased to 181,300. For today, the peak was in 2015 when the number of applicants from non-educated families rose to 201,625.


Check out the infographic our team created for you!





Universities UK spokeswoman said:

"Eighteen-year-olds from the most disadvantaged areas in England are more likely to go to university than ever before and this can help inspire younger siblings or peers to do the same but we know that a number of challenges remain.”


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