Tweets From Fridge Go Viral: Ariana Grande Stan Account Makes Buzz On Twitter

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This crazy story has gone viral on Twitter in mere hours. Someone claiming to be a teen girl named "Dorothy" went viral on Twitter after allegedly tweeting from her smart fridge. Eventually, the whole thing turned out to be a hoax. The Typical Student team learned crazy details of Dorothy's fridge adventures.


Tweeting From The Fridge




It all began on August 8 when someone called "Dorothy," in reality - an Ariana Grande stan account - known as @thankunext327, started tweeting about her trouble. According to "Dorothy," her mother had taken away her phone so she couldn't make any more tweets. Allegedly, she claimed to have posted this "goodbye" message from her Nintendo 3DS.  

During the next several days, "Dorothy" made a couple more tweets, claimed she had found other devices with access to Twitter, including her Nintendo Wii.





The drama was heating up as "Dorothy" said she had been getting foiled by her mother. Apparently, her mom would take away whatever device "Dorothy" could use to tweet. In the end, the girl got desperate and used her "LG Smart Refrigerator" to tweeted via voice dictation.  The caption read: "I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again."

The source text on the tweet read "LG Smart Refrigerator," reports BuzzFeed News. Soon after the tweet soon went viral. 




Both Twitter and LG Electronics showed their support for "Dorothy" tweeting the hashtag #FreeDorothy.






"Dorothy" thanked everyone for the support.




How To Tweet From LG Smart Refrigerator?


One of the Reddit users u/K0902 has put up a guide on how to create the source of your tweets. Turns out, you can tweet from literally everywhere, not only LG Smart Refrigerator. All it takes is to follow pretty easy sequence of steps: 








Later on, an LG spokesperson confirmed it's impossible to tweet from any of their smart devices as none of them have the Twitter app installed. Some models have a web browser which hypothetically could be used to tweet. However, the Tweet source would still state you posted from the web.

Whether a hoax or not, "Dorothy" did make it to the mainline news. And you have to be smart for that!



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