Drunk Student Asking for Help Via Text Messages (VIRAL TEXT EXCHANGE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing viral student stories. Wild college parties are something you don’t want to miss being a student. However, pretty often those parties go way too wild and result in some ridiculous actions of yours. And sending your friends some stupid and nonsense text messages is one of those actions.

This college student apparently attended one of those hardcore college parties and in the middle of the night understood that he needed some help. So he texted his friend and asked for help. Well, the first two messages the guy sent to his friend read, “Help, m drink.” At first the friend didn’t understand what was going on, so he texted him back, “What do you want me to help with? More drinks?”



At this point the drunk guy tried to explain the situation and he texted his friend, “Same me. I’m too funk. IM SO SRUNK.” To what the friend answered, “Nope, you can still type. Not drunk enough!” and the guy texted him, “Help me p.”

So the friend texted, “Please don’t die.” and immediately came to rescue his drunk fellow. Let’s just hope that the drunk guy did not actually die.


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