Drunk Texts: The Weirdest Stuff a Wasted Student Can Possibly Text

2 years ago



If you think that college is all about studying, you are terribly wrong. College is actually all about partying and partying hard. This college student, who wished to keep his name in secret, partied really hard at one of those hardcore frat parties. So after he drank like a gallon of beer and became completely wasted, he decided to text one of his friends in order to discuss some vital issues.

So the student texted his friend a message which read, “I wanna be anything but human” to which his friend replied, “Like a unicorn?”




And this is where the wasted student finally understood who he really was, so he texted his friend back this, “OMG, perfect. Humans suck. They think they’re better cause they have thumbs and rules. They’re just socks.” Well, that’s pretty much it. This hilariously weird text conversation just ended at that point.

The problem is that we will never find out whether this dude has really become a unicorn or not. But let’s just hope that this student’s hangover has gone smooth.



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