Everybody Needs A College Buddy Who'd Skip Workshop To Watch Law and Order With You

2 years ago



The Typical Student team continues telling exciting student stories. Sometimes college is too overwhelming and when you see another email with an invitation to a workshop or something like that, you just want to pretend that you never saw that email. Well, college is stressful, so you need some time to relax from studying.

These college buddies decided that they needed a “day off” as well, so they texted each other in order to arrange it.

So when the first guy saw an email with an invitation to a workshop he immediately sent his friend the message that read, “Did you see that email?” to what his friend replied, “Can we just not…yeah, I really didn't want to come.”




Then the first guy asked, “What happens if we don’t?” to what the other one replied, “Nothing. Wanna just ditch and watch Law and Order?” The first guy seemed to like this scenario, so he texted his friend, “LOL yes” to what his friend replied, “Wow, you just made me so happy.”




Well, all we can say now is it’s nice to have that college buddy who will skip the workshops and watch Law and Order with you.


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