Making Your Room Cozier: Everything Student Needs to Pack for University Halls

2 years ago



A YouTube blogger HelsBels reveals what you need to pack for university halls in order to make your room cozier. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about.

Organizers and baskets

HelsBels keeps her small things such as makeup in various organizers and baskets. She claims that it’s very convenient and her room is always nice and clean.

Things that will make you feel like home

According to HelsBels, it’s extremely important to make your room cozy, so she suggests bringing some things you love that will make your room cozier and will make you feel like home.

Lots of pictures





HelsBels has brought a lot of pictures of herself, her family, and friends. She says that decorating a wall in your halls room with pictures will definitely make it super cozy.

Board games

Playing board games or card games is a great way to spend a night with your roommates, so HelsBels recommends to pack at least one board game.

Cute slippers





Floors in the uni halls are really dirty that is why HelsBels has a pair of cute slippers and suggests everybody to get one too.

Don’t bring anything expensive or anything you love





And finally, HelsBels says that things get ruined in the university halls and if you have something expensive or just important for you, leave that at home.

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