Everything Students Need to Know about Princeton University

2 years ago



Crimson Education went to Princeton University and asked the students some big questions about their school. And here's what the Typical Student team will tell you about!

What is the best thing about Princeton?


Princeton University students have different opinions on what is the best thing about their school. While some students say it’s the people and the college community, others claim that the best thing about their college is definitely great professors. Some students also say that they love their campus and the fact that there is always something to do at Princeton.


What is the worst thing about Princeton?





Some students say that the worst thing about their college is the weather, others add that they really don’t like the grading and the stress caused be the grading. Among other things about Princeton students don’t like are being far away from home, midterms, and a huge workload.


What is the typical weekend night like at Princeton?





Princeton students prefer to relax and sleep during their weekends, especially those who play for Princeton sports teams. Some students say that on weekends they usually study, go out with friends, work, go to parties, and hang out on campus.


What did Princeton students write their essays on?





The topics of the admission essays of Princeton students vary. Students wrote about moving to another state, their cultural identity, and about their high school projects.

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