Everything Students Need to Know About the Occidental College

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The Typical Student team keeps sharing real-life student experienes. This time around, Crimson Education went to Occidental College in LA to ask the students some big questions about their school. So here’s what Occidental students think about their school.


What's the Best Thing About Occidental College?




Occidental college students have various opinions on what is the best thing about their school. While some students say it’s the people and the diversity of their college, others claim that the best thing about Occidental is food. Students also say that they love their campus and being in a small school community.


What's the Worst Thing About Occidental College?




Most of the students say that the worst thing about Occidental is walking up the hills, but they also add that they don’t have to go to the gym because walking up the hills is a great exercise. 


What Do the Occidental Students Do On Weekends?




On weekends, Occidental College students like going out and exploring LA, going to parties, watching TV shows, hanging out with friends on campus, working out, and eating out.


What Did Occidental Students Write Their Essays About?




Occidental students wrote their admission essays on various topics such as finding their place in an uncomfortable environment, the power of their voice, culture shock after moving to the United States, experience abroad and making a documentary film, and their cultural identity and the way it influenced their life.

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