Everything Students Need To Know Before Starting Your Freshman Year of College

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps telling you student stories. This time around, YouTuber Margot Lee shares the things every freshman should know.


Do AP Scores Matter?




Margot herself didn’t pay much attention to her AP scores, but at that time she just didn’t know that good AP scores could set her free from some college courses such as math of grammar. So she strongly recommends studying hard for your AP tests in order to be able to skip some classes at college.


Prepare to Spend More Than Expected




According to Margot, you will spend a lot of money while going out with new friends, more than you thought you would. So she suggests finding a summer job before the beginning of your freshman year and saving some money.


Brace Yourself, You'll Probably Gain Weight



Most of the college students just don’t have time or money to eat healthily and go to the gym. Besides, studying at late nights and stress can also contribute to gaining weight. So Margot says that it’s very likely that you’ll gain a couple of pounds during your freshman year, but you don’t have to worry about it too much, because you can easily work these extra pounds off.


Forget What It’s Like Living at Home

You are going to live apart from your parents, this means that you’ll have to do everything by yourself and be responsible for things you have done. Margot claims that the moment you start college you are no longer considered to be a kid.

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