Everything You Want to Know About Brown Based On Students' Experience

2 years ago



Crimson Education went to Brown University to ask students some big questions about their school. And here is what the Typical Student team is going to talk about!

What is the best thing about Brown University?






Some Brown students answer that they really love the environment at their school and the focus on personal development. Many students say that the best thing about their college is definitely an open curriculum. And a couple of students appreciate Brown for the great food.



What is the worst thing about Brown?





Many students do not even have a single worst thing about Brown. However, some students say that they don’t like how the freshman dorms are far away from each other, the lack of free space in the libraries, and most  Brown students complain about the food in the Radi ( the main dining hall).


What is a typical Brown student weekend night like?





A lot of Brown students like going out with their friends and going to parties. At the same time, many students play sports, go to theaters or art exhibits, and do their homework on weekends.


What did Brown students write their application essays on?





Some students don’t remember what they wrote their application essays on. While others wrote about why they want to study at Brown, puzzle hunting, frog, cultural identity, love for heights, family, and pottery.

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