Family Feud TV Show Host Reveals What Texting Your Parents Is Like When You’re At College

3 years ago



Being a parent is not an easy job. No matter how old their kids are, parents still constantly worry about them. So after we finally go off to college, our parents’ lives are not less stressful at all. Some of the parents are freaking out about their kids, who are at college so far away from home, even more. So they would call you a hundred times a day and text at the most random hours, and you better be always available and ready to answer. The Typical Student team shares parent-student texts revealed on the Family Feud TV show. 

Ridiculous Parent-Student Texting



While some parents are super controlling and strict, others prank their college children via texts. So Steve Harvey featured a couple of these ridiculous text conversations between parents and their college kids on his show. And this hilarious video is not something you want to miss.

Check out the video below where Steve shares with the viewers and audience the most hilarious text conversations you have ever seen. All the conversations are real text message exchanges between parents and their college children. These super creative and funny parents came up with some hilariously ingenious texts that made their kids respect their parents.

So enjoy watching these hilarious text conversations in the video below:



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