Student Convinced a Guy From Tinder They Have Same Number, And Here's What Happened (TEXTS INSIDE)

2 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing viral student stories, so here comes another one. A woman named Hannah (@hannahhhhxoxo) was matched on Tinder with a pretty dull guy, so she decided to prank him a little bit. She convinced the guy that they had the same phone number and then posted their hilarious conversation on Twitter, she wrote, “I just convinced a Tinder boy we had the same number, so I didn’t have to text him.”




The guy gave Hannah his phone number is case she wanted to call him. However, she wasn’t going to continue communication with him, so in order to avoid giving him her real number she said that it was actually her phone number. When the guy asked her to call that number, she said that she couldn’t call it and made him text himself.






Then the guy tried to call himself and he didn’t have a clue about what was going on at all.






The guy even confessed that he had been receiving some weird texts. However, Hannah blamed the carrier and the conversation ended with the guy’s hopeless message, “I wish I could call you.” Meanwhile, Hannah’s tweet has gone viral, it got almost 208 thousand retweets and over 278 thousand likes.

After a while, Hannah posted a text conversation with the guy that proved that he did believe that they had the same number. She tweeted, “Update for yall who didn't think he believed me.”





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