Ever Tried Having Texting Yourself From Boyfriend's Phone? This Female Student Proved It's Possible! (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing crazy viral stories with you. This time around, the story is no less curious! A Twitter user @macawcaw123 probably was a really bored that day, so she decided to have a deep text conversation with herself. She had her boyfriend’s phone next to her, so she started texting herself.




So she started with a casual “Hey” and then paid herself a couple of compliments. She really liked how she looked in the dress she was wearing that day, so she texted herself, “You look great today” and then she added, “I mean I just looked at you and figured I’d tell you since you look really good in that dress.”

And then the things went dirty. She texted herself that she wanted to have sex with herself. Unfortunately, due to the unknown reasons this conversation ended.

Meanwhile, it went viral on Twitter. Many users responded to @macawcaw123’s tweet. For instance, @kevy4k noticed that she didn’t reply to the message “I love you” her boyfriend had actually sent her earlier.




Other users like @hotdamnitsacam claimed that posting it on Twitter was the stupidest thing a one can do.




At the same time, some Twitter users really wanted her to finally find her happiness with herself. User @tezlaa, for instance, asked when she and herself are getting married?






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