Finally, it's Summer Break! TOP Craziest Celebrations of Summer Holidays 2018

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Finally, it's summer break! The Typical Student team is congratulating students who have survived the exams ordeal!  And now, we’re just going to celebrate the beginning of freedom and summer!


US: ‘At Last’ Covered by a Receptionist on a School Radio


Regina Ballard, the school receptionist in North Carolina couldn’t contain her happiness for summer holidays, so she sang Etta James’ ‘At Last’ on a school PA system. And we have to admit, her rendition of this hit is AMAZING!



Indeed, what a great way to celebrate your last day before the summer vacation! Regina didn’t have many listeners, since there were just a few kids and staff members at school. However, her performance was an absolute treat!

UK: Cambridge University Students Spraying with Champagne & Swimming in Cardboard Boats

Looks like Cambridge University students made the most of their summer break celebration. But of course it wasn’t without breaking a few rules. First, Cambridge undergraduates started spraying each other with champagne in the middle of the street. As reported by the DailyMail, the students might face a £175 fine for the breach of the behavior rule.


But this wasn’t all. The celebration continued with more alcohol on 'Suicide Sunday'. In Cambridge University slang, it’s the Sunday right after the end of the summer term when students have finished exams. Despite the chilly temperatures, the students floated down the River Cam on cardboard boats! Drunk and shivering students rowing the faux boats, with a few other students soaking in the cold water - this was quite a view!


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