One in Five Scottish Students Face “Period Poverty” Unable to Purchase Sanitary Products

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Believe it or not, female students in Scotland still face a problem of "period poverty." However, the Scottish government pledges to put it to an end by rolling out a new social program. As reported by The Tab, starting in September 2018, all female students in Scotland, no exception, will get sanitary products for free under the new government-funded scheme. The Typical Student team learned the details of the new plan.

Why Is Period Poverty Still an Issue? 

scottish-female-students-free-tampons-04Living in the 21st century, many take the availability of hygienic products for granted. Still, even in the “first world” countries, there are social groups having a lack of access to sanitary products due to financial limitations. The period poverty poll held by the Guardian in February 2018 among the Scottish women revealed a shocking truth about the situation:

  • One in 5 women admitted to skipping the period products due to the lack of finances;
  • One in 10 said claimed they’ve been forced to choose between sanitary products and essential household items;
  • Almost ¼ of respondents admitted to being unable to change their sanitary products as often as needed;
  • Sadly, 11% of respondents claimed to be having a “significant health impact” which included a urinary tract infection. 

In total, female respondents spend about £13 per month on period products on average, making it "several thousands of pounds over a lifetime."

Which Scottish Universities Are Getting Free Sanitary Products?


Basically, all! As told by the Tab, every single school, college, and university across Scotland is to become the part of the new government-funded scheme. Female students will be given out sanitary FREE sanitary products, mainly sanitary towels and tampons. The total estimated funding allocated to the period of poverty elimination is £5.2 million

The roll-out of the new plan coincides with the beginning of the new academic year. It is expected to significantly improve the quality of life for women who experience “period poverty” on a daily basis.

WTH Is Tampon Tax? 

scottish-female-students-free-tampons-03Due to the fact Scottish students are struggling to afford to buy the necessary hygienic products, the Scottish government officials have worked hard to develop the new financial scheme with universities and colleges across the country.

There is a separate tax, called the "tampon tax" which had сaused severe public outrage. For some reason, the British government induced the tax believing sanitary products are a "luxurious, non-essential item". Meanwhile, the Scottish government believes otherwise, thinking "no one should have to face the inaccessibility of these products."

According to Monica Lennon, a Scottish Labour MSP: "Access to period products should be a right, regardless of your income, which is why I am moving ahead with plans for legislation to introduce a universal system of free access to period products for everyone in Scotland."

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