5 MORE Instagram Stories Effects Every Student Must Know. Part 2.

3 years ago



Of course, there’s more than just 4 COOLEST Instagram Stories tricks every student should know about. This time, Typical Student team prepared 5 more effects to spice up your Instagram Stories

Get —Āreative with Boomerang effect

All of us have seen looped Insta stories where our friends are making faces and doing some crazy stuff. Well, that’s not the only thing to use Boomerang effect for. Using the forward and reverse video in Boomerangs, you can create suspense. Stop your motion right when the video stops recording, then watch it do its thing. Watch this Boomerang tutorial to get an idea.



Muting and hiding Instagram stories

If you happen to have a friend who doesn’t have the limit to posting Insta stories, you can mute them. All it takes is to tap on their circle icon in the Stories menu and click Mute.

If you wish to conceal your stories from specific people, do the following:

  1. Click on your profile, tap the gear icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select the Story Settings tab under Account.
  3. At the top of that screen, type in the username you wish to conceal your story from.


Source: Mashable

Make sure to save the copy

This is so obvious, but still - backup your pics before editing them. This way, you won’t lose the original after you throw in some text and emojis. You’ll be able to start over if you happen to dislike the effects and all those hideous emojis you added in the heat of the moment.

First shoot, then upload

This is even more obvious, but very few people actually remember they can instantly upload to Instagram Stories from the camera roll. When you don't have the time to shoot Insta Stories using your Instagram app, just use the camera app to upload them later when you have the time. Alternatively, you can upload an Insta Stories batch at the end of the day and put some care and love into your creation.


Source: WelkerMedia

Unsend messages in Instagram DM

This one is not directly related to Insta Stories, but still. Did you know you can UNSEND the message you regret sending? Yes, you got that right - UN-SEND! All you have to do is go into direct messages, find the text, hold it, and then tap Unsend.


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