Think Before You Eat: 4 SAD Times Food Allergies Killed Students + 1 Survivor Story

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Studying hard definitely requires a lot of energy. Sometimes, preparing for the finals, students have to study 24 hours 7 days a week. With such a tight schedule it’s not a surprise that most of the students don’t even have time to care of their health. Students usually suffer from various common diseases such as flu, stomach ache, or allergy. However, forgetting about your illnesses in favor of your study  is certainly not good. Pretty often such recklessness causes huge problems with student’s health.


Severe Nut Allergy That Almost Killed a Student


Nicole Hagel, a University of Nebraska college student, recently suffered from a severe anaphylactic reaction. Basically, anaphylactic is an immune reaction to proteins in food which were identified by your body as harmful. Besides, anaphylactic can be caused by medication and insect stings as well. So Nicole, bing allergic to tree nuts, went to her allergist just for a casual checkup. Her blood test showed that she was no longer allergic to nuts. After that her doctor decided to do an oral challenge to make sure the blood test was accurate.




Nicole was given a couple drops of cashew oil and after no reaction her doctor gave her a cashew nut. Soon after that Nicole’s tongue, throat, and eyelids started swelling up. Despite the fact that it happened under the doctor’s supervision and Nicole immediately got medical help, it was quite an unpleasant and painful situation for her. Nicole wrote about that situation in her Twitter just to have a laugh with her friends. However, at the time of writing her tweet got 127,000 likes and 7,000 retweets. Nicole can’t explain how did her tweet become so popular, but she received a lot of support from other Twitter users who suffer from allergies too.




Deadly Chicken Burger


Another student, Shahida Shahid from Manchester University, was less lucky than Nicole. Eighteen-year-old student died from a severe anaphylaxis. Shahida, who was dairy intolerant , went out with her friends. After having a meal at a Manchester restaurant Shahida suddenly felt ill and was immediately transported to the hospital. The student died from a severe food allergy reaction within 3 days. The reason of her anaphylaxis was a chicken burger marinated in butter milk.



One more horrible case of anaphylactic shock. Amanda Huynch, who was allergic to peanuts, died soon after eating a snack that she brought from home. Amanda immediately received first medical aid and was rushed to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, however unfortunately, the student died.



Another student, Andrea Mariano from Queen’s University in Canada, died from a severe anaphylactic shock. Andrea was allergic to peanuts and dairy products, however, she herself ordered a smoothie from a college canteen. Shorty after drinking a smoothie Andrea had anaphylaxis and was rushed to Kingston General Hospital, where she died within 3 days.


Multiple Food Allergies: Is That Even Possible?

One more student, Karanbir Cheema from London, died from anaphylaxis. The exact reason of a severe allergic reaction is unclear due to the fact that Karanbir had multiple allergies. However, the experts say that the reason of the student’s death was a cheese prank.




Food allergies can be really severe. So now you see the importance of allergy detection. Visit your doctor and find out more about allergies and allergy tests and be healthy!

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