Freshers’ Week: How to Avoid Drinking When You Don’t Want to

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Entering a college usually means that your ‘home friends’ will be left behind. Now it’s time for freshers to meet new people and make connections. Without a doubt, the easiest way to meet someone is to be at a student party. The thing is that these days students mostly prefer making friends with the help of alcohol.

How should you behave if you don’t want to drink? In this post, the Typical Student team will answer the most popular freshers’ question. How to resist the pressure to drink alcohol?

#1 Tip: Remember You Are Not Alone


The first thing you should do to avoid drinking is simply avoiding places where other students come to drink. According to stats, there are 3 types of students: those who are heavy drinkers, students who drink moderately, and those who don’t drink at all.

Seeing that, focus on other ways to meet new friends. There are so many social groups on campus. You won’t be alone without drinkers. Try to attend such activity as craft workshops, art, and obviously sports.

#2 Tip: Treat It As A Challenge 


Actually, today a significant number of new students arrive in college with little or no prior drinking experience at all. That’s why freshers can be nervous about drinking. They already feel the stress that can be compounded by finding yourself in a new town with relative strangers. Treat this stage of your life as s challenge you should live through.

#3 Tip: You Have Chances


Finally, remember that you won’t be fresher all the time. If you don’t want to make friends with drinkers - that’s OK. During the tuition, you are going to meet lots of different people.



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