Freshman vs Senior Year: HILARIOUS Twitter Meme Perfectly Explains the Difference

3 years ago



Going back to school is always a perfect excuse to reminisce about the dog days of studenthood. But is the back-to-school experience always the same? The Twitterverse has erupted with a series of memes to compare the first days of school freshman and senior years. In the freshman year, students are full of enthusiasm and excitement, which gradually fades away as time goes by.


Twitter users, surprisingly, summed up the whole thing perfectly well using a few smart memes. The Typical Student team just couldn’t pass by these gorgeous examples of student wittiness, so take a look!


Credit: @sydnee_allen


So, school supplies seem to be extremely important in your freshman year. However, students’ enthusiasm fades with time as they catch the disease of “senioritis.” We’ve all been serious about backpacks, pens, and textbooks. Thank goodness, this is not forever!



Credit: @ZacPaclebtwitter-memes-senior-freshman-year-03

Credit: @_jurassicClaire

Then Hollywood movies went in use! Is there any better way to describe the drastic difference than by using movie memes featuring famous actresses like Bryce Dallas Howard and Amy Adams?  


twitter-memes-senior-freshman-year-05 Credit: @Miss_Chud


Credit: @codyscollective


Still, becoming a senior means you start treating things in a more simplistic way. Experienced people say a student should forget about maintaining a freshman year social calendar for the next four years.

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