Freshmen Party Advice According To Boston University Student

2 years ago



Arlin Moore, a Boston University student and popular YouTuber, shares some piece of advice for college parties. And here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about!

Don’t immediately start taking Snapchat stories

Arlin and his friend Hiller say that you shouldn’t take Snapchat stories immediately after you came to a party if you don’t want to look stupid. So save it for later.


Don’t scream “college man” all the time


If this is your first college party and you really don’t know how to behave, the worst thing you can do, according to Arlin, is screaming something like “college man”. Both Arlin and Hiller say that this is just ridiculously stupid.


Introduce yourself to senior students





Arlin claims that if you want to be popular in college, you have to make friends with senior students. So introduce yourself to senior students at the party and eventually, they will introduce you to other cool people at your college.


Tips for not throwing up

Arlin and Hiller recommend drinking water in order to feel good throughout the entire party.


Hiller’s advice





Hiller says never ever take your backpack to a party because you are going to lose it. Heller claims that he lost his backpacks, including the important documents that were in there, at college parties twice. So if you want to bring something to a party, bring it in a grocery bag.

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