From Facebook Drama to Study Time: 5 Steps to the Transformation

3 years ago



Do you frequently get distracted by social media while attending to an important task? I bet you do. Studies have shown that people use their phones almost 150 times each day. Furthermore, texting while driving is among the most frequent causes of road accidents over the world. If you are a social media addict, then it is time for you to eradicate all the distractions from social networks and focus on real and important things in your life. The following are 5 ways of limiting your use of social media:


Block Social Media Sites Temporarily




Nowadays many applications can mute addictive social networks. Such apps prevent you from using your phone for a certain amount of time each day and assist you to slow down your use of such social media sites. The good thing is that after using them for a while, you develop a habit of using them less frequently than you used to. 

There are many smartphone apps for both iOS and Android that can help you achieve this goal. Examples of these applications are Concentrate, LeechBlock, FocusWriter, Pomodoro and many others. You can customize them to match your program. 


Log Out After Each Session




Upon getting a notification on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, your reflex is to check it out on the assurance that you will only view it for a second and get back to your task. However, before you realize, the one second you had promised yourself turns into minutes or even hours of wasted time. 

It is prudent to log off your social networks after each session to prevent such wastage. This technique helps you get rid of social media notifications both on the phone and on the computer. 


Be Enlightened

One of the best solutions to eschew distractions because of social media is to educate yourself on the potentially harmful effects it has on your life. You can access online articles on the effects of social media, attend seminars or webinars, watch YouTube videos or seek consultation on this subject. You need to make a conscious decision that too much social media is harmful. 


Spend Time Differently




Some people visit social networks for various reasons such as looking for an essay service, entertainment, checking out their friends’ posts. It is not bad to visit social media sites, however, keep it at a minimal level. One way of reducing social media distractions is to keep busy during that time in another activity you find enjoyable. You can also go to bed earlier than usual to escape such distractions. If it is during the day, you can partake in an offline hobby, read a book, or socialize.


Set Your Priorities

We all have a choice on how we spend our time. The moment you decide that you are going to dedicate more time to other things you love instead of social media, you also direct your energy into those things. Therefore, you will have less time for social media. A TO-DO list comes in handy for this purpose.  



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