That’s How Female Students Can Get Into Harvard Storytime

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A popular YouTuber Sienna Santer tells how she managed to get into Harvard University and shares some of her tips with her subscribers. And that's what the Typical Student team will tell you about!

Being special

Sienna says that all colleges, including Harvard, are looking for students with different backgrounds, of different nationalities, and even from different countries. So she had to prove that she was really special in order to get into Harvard because Harvard is simply not interested in boring students.


Standing out




In order to enter Harvard University Sienna has worked really hard on her essays, stats, letters of recommendation, extracurriculars, and interviews. She explains that if you want to get into Harvard you have to stand out among all the other applicants. For instance, Sienna put an emphasis on her short stories and writing achievements, which obviously worked.

According to Sienna, stats are important for entering a good college, but they are quire overestimated. She says that she didn’t have the perfect stats, but thanks to her essays and extracurriculars she still managed to get into Harvard. Sienna also adds that the most important thing is to reach the benchmark of your dream college and for Harvard her SAT had to be at least 1470.


Some tips on entering Harvard from Sienna




Sienna claims that not having straight A’s should never stop you from trying to get into your dream college. She adds as well that Harvard is looking for interesting and special students, so you must stand out. In the end, she also suggests not being afraid of failing, because you can always try again.

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